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Stocking Stuffers That Will Thrill The Whole Family

Stocking Stuffers That Will Thrill The Whole Family

We saved the best (hardest) gift guide for last…Stocking Stuffers! It’s easy to go to Target and cram a bunch of junk into the stockings that eventually gets tossed or stuffed in a drawer. Our approach? Buy 1-2 nicer things + essentials (hello socks and undies, we’re looking at you) and then add a few sweet treats as filler.

Here are our favorite stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family… (Well, minus the littles…we don’t have little kids anymore so feel a bit out of the loop. Teenagers though? We’ve got you!)

Hair Glorious Hair

The No. 8 conditioning mask is perfect for a once a week (in the shower) deep condition…it’s also great for adding to your ends when you wash for a little added moisture. And the Olaplex intense repair set is great for an even deeper conditioning treatment. Rachel loves putting her hair up in a bun with the Slip scrunchies for sleeping – they help prevent bedhead and don’t cause breakage. And a quick drying hair towel + hair clips are essentials.


Socks & Undies

Our all-time favorite undies are the perfect stocking stuffer. Need basic socks to wear with all the winter boots? These Smartwool cable socks are a staple. And the cozy UGG socks are a fun treat for all the holiday lounging.


To Carry All The Things

Our friend Deb @Currentlydk wrote a gift guide for us, and it’s amazing (you can check it out here). She loves these reusable Baggu bags and we can’t wait to try them – perfect for just about everything. Rachel has and loves the Arizona Love tote and uses it at the beach, to/from yoga, and even for making returns at the mall. Both of these bags fold down to nothing and would be great to add to a stocking.

If she needs a new card case, this Oxblood one by Frame is so pretty and would go with just about any bag.


A Few Favorite Beauty Items

These are some of our ride-or-die products.


Bath & Shower

We love all things Nécessaire – the best line for keeping dry Winter skin in check. And a bath soak is always appreciated.


Night Night / Sleep Tight

Two of our all-time favorite products. Cotton pillowcases suck the moisture from your skin and hair. With silk – wake up more hydrated and with less bedhead. Plus we swear that side wrinkle happens much less when sleeping on silk.


Soothing Home Scents

These kinda speak for themselves – you really can’t go wrong. Rachel’s friend was raving about this Nest diffuser and now we need to try it!


A Beloved Book to Cherish

We love Cheryl Strayed. And while this collection of essays isn’t new, it’s a forever favorite. If she hasn’t read it yet, we highly recommend it. Also it’s the perfect size to slip in a stocking.


Wine Lover

Add a nice bottle of wine, a few of these and maybe some chocolate and call it done.


The Perfect Cocktail

The book admittedly may not fit in the actual stocking, but would be cute to put next to the stocking if you’re going with a cocktails theme.


I’ll Take an Old Fashioned Please



A mug to keep coffee at the perfect temperature for hours is a total win and something that will get used daily. And Rachel bought this coffee bean canister for her husband’s stocking – it pushes the air out and then has an air-tight seal to keep those coffee beans as fresh as possible. We’d go to our local coffee shop and add a bag of fresh coffee beans to their stocking as well.


My Lips Hurt Real Bad!
(extra points if you get the reference)

Lip scrub…Lip Mask…Lip Balm. We need ALL of it – and so does he.


Hand Cream

Splurgy hand cream is something we rarely buy but love to have – especially in the Winter months. Note that the Aesop duet includes a hand wash and hand balm and looks heavenly.


The Best Hand Sanitizer

Stock up – it smells good and doesn’t dry out your hands. Worth it.


Sweet Treats

A few sweet treats are a must – for the teens too! And this is rarely fancy in our homes. It’s typically more along the lines of sour patch kids (the teens), Reeses and Twix!


Socks & Undies

These Tommy John briefs are hands down the best undies for men – so soft and comfortable and last forever. Smartwool socks are an easy win – from the office to ski socks…Smartwool has it all depending on the weight he needs. And a themed pair of socks is always fun – like these whiskey socks for example.


Beard and Skin Care

Because their skin needs love too!


For the Grill

Add some fun grill seasonings to his stocking – we are especially intrigued by these burger seasonings. How much fun to experiment with a burger bar over the holidays. And throw a new spatula in there because you know – it’s the right size for a stocking.


Tech Accessories

Why are we always fighting over charging cables in our house? You seriously can never have enough with a house full of teens. These AirPods cases are so cute too. And phone cases are always a win with the teens. In our experience, teens are fairly opinionated when it comes to phone cases so we’d ask for their favorite or slip an Amazon gift card in their stocking.


Let There Be Light!

Between the two of us, there are 5 teenagers – trust us, if they don’t have these, they will LOVE them.


Ready For Winter


A Hat That Makes A Statement

This one totally depends on the kid, but depending on their personal style and interests – a hat is always a cool gift.


Lots and Lots of Socks (Trust Us…)


Music Is Life

These also function as an alarm clock. We especially love the Echo Dot for dropping in….you know, “Are you AWAKE?” “Dinner is ready!”…all of that.



Body Wash / Deodorant / Lotion

Our teens’ favorites. Everyday essentials that you know will get used.


A Toothbrush & Refill Subscription

OK this may not be the most fun gift, but it’s definitely a good one. Please tell us we aren’t the only ones that have discovered a chewed up toothbrush in our teen’s bathroom and been mortified. This electric toothbrush is affordable and you can subscribe for head replacement refills (instead of relying on your teen to tell you when they need a new one).



A good face wash goes a long way with teenage acne. And a good sunscreen is so important year round. And of course, stock them up on lip balm for the Winter.


A Water Bottle In Their Favorite Color



We aren’t the only ones that like to pile on the jewelry…our teen girls do too.



A few of our girls’ favorites. Another idea is to explore the checkout section at Sephora for small size products for their stockings – a fun way for them to try a few new things and budget friendly too.


Hair Stuff

Hair ties are sort of like phone charges in our house – we are always buying them and can never find one. And one of our girls asked for a hair crimper – what goes around comes around.


Undies for the Teenage Boy

Rachel’s son lives on the basketball court and these are the briefs that he loves to wear. (He may kill her if he reads this, which he won’t. Ha!)


A Wallet Or Cardholder


Gift Cards…Gift Cards…Gift Cards

It’s no secret that teens love gift cards or money. Slip a little cash in their stocking or an Amazon gift card and they’ll be over the moon. Rachel is putting carwash gift cards in her son’s stocking – otherwise, his car may never get washed.

Stocking stuffers are honestly our favorite but they can be challenging. We hope this guide gave you guys a few new ideas!

And for the rest of our holiday guides, pop on over here — we’ve got you covered!

x Rachel & Tammy

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