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Jolie Shower Head Review – My Surprising Experience

Jolie Shower Head Review – My Surprising Experience

If you care about your hair and skin as much as I do, then you will want to read my Jolie shower head review.

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I have the best hairstylist on the planet (seriously…she is). Every time I leave her chair, I feel like a queen. If you are in San Diego, CA, look her up – Debi at

She uses the best and gentlest products and in turn, I only use the products she recommends, to keep my hair healthy and soft. But they only go so far.

My problem? Hard water, contaminants, chlorine, and bacteria. Every time I see my stylist she notices the brassiness and dryness and works hard to combat it. With heavy highlights and color, blow drying, and flat ironing, this ain’t no virgin hair!

She always warned me it was thanks to our hard water (which is very hard). Recently she suggested a filtered shower head. With a little research, the Jolie shower head kept coming up. When I reached out to them, they offered to send me one in exchange for my honest review. Sold!

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

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Jolie describes the WHY better than I can.

We remove the Chlorine. Chlorine is an inflammatory chemical that is bad for your skin and hair as it strips away our natural oils. The chlorine also gets released as a gas when the water gets hot (as it does in a shower). We absorb all of this not only through our skin, but also through our lungs.

KDF-55 is the Ferrari of water filtration media. A high-purity combination of copper and zinc shavings, KDF-55 removes chlorine and other heavy metals through a redox process (it essentially renders chemicals harmless).

But, unlike other filters that clog and lag, we don’t stop there. Each filter also includes Calcium Sulfite balls to quickly remove chlorine without compromising what you love most: the back-massage, head-scratch, oh-no-I’m-pruning pressure.

Together, they provide the one-two punch of best-in-class filtration for chlorine and other chemicals from your water.

Have more questions? Check out their FAQ page – super detailed!

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

The Jolie shower head arrived on my doorstep within a few days. When I asked my husband to install it, he was busy. I’m not particularly patient, and after watching their 30 second video on installation (seriously, even an idiot could do it…me being that idiot!) I decided to just do it.

How to Install Your Jolie

I brought a stool into the shower and my husband (funny guy that he is) decided it was worth watching…busy, huh?!

So ridiculously easy. I removed our old one (which was disgusting with hard water buildup), applied fresh new tape (which Jolie provided), and popped that baby on. It took five minutes, tops, and they provided everything you need, including a cute little wrench. Even my husband was impressed with me, thank you very much.

I also installed the shower head right before my hair appointment, so that my review would start direct from the stylist.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

First things first – the water pressure is perfection. I hadn’t realized how bad the water pressure was on our older shower head. I’m not sure if it was the hard water buildup, if it was a lower-flow version, or a combination of the two, but wow, that was a nice first start.

My husband and I both thought that first shower smelled cleaner and felt nicer, but let’s be honest, we were probably just excited about this squeaky new shower with fabulous flow, ha!

After shampoo, I always put a hair mask or conditioner on the bottom half of my hair, then leave it on while I do all my other things (shave, body scrub, face). Then I will brush it throughout, roots to tip. It’s always been a struggle brushing it through the roots. It usually got pretty knotty during my shampoo/scrub, and it definitely felt more delicate when brushing through.

The #1 difference has been that it’s no longer difficult to brush the conditioner through. No more knotty / dryness! The wet brush goes through much more smoothly. My hair no longer feels straw-like in the shower. This is seriously HUGE.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

The other dramatic difference is that my hair feels less snaggy when I’m brushing and styling it. Often my flat iron would “catch” and I assumed it was normal, but I’m not having that same experience. Now the flat iron glides over my hair seamlessly. And it feels silky soft – such a change.

The other day after a fresh wash and style, my  husband said “wow, you are really blond”. The color was still the same as always but now it wasn’t weighed down by hard water brassiness. It’s actually staying the color my stylist put in.

If you spend as much money on your hair color as I do, you know this is HUGE.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

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While my face has always been oily, the rest of my body runs a bit dry (I get eczema pretty badly in cold climates). I use good moisturizers, but that doesn’t always help. The tips of my fingers often get scratchy and my legs get scaly (especially in the winter). Since we’ve been using the Jolie Shower Head, everything seems softer and my moisturizers work better, I think. My fingertips no longer snag on my clothes, which is a big deal!

The other cool thing for me – I often get dry scalp. I embarrassingly make my husband check me for lice at least once a month. Always the same answer – “no lice, you just have dry scalp”. I haven’t had this issue since we got the new shower head. At all! My husband is grateful.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

While I was gifted the Jolie Shower Head, one important factor is the return policy. This is one of those things you need to try yourself. I think everyone’s results will be different based on where they live, what kind of water they have, and what their needs are.

Jolie Returns & Shipping Policy

They accept returns within 60 days. No questions asked! If you don’t like the results, contact them within 60 days. Zero risk!

I will definitely be continuing with my subscription (which I pay full price for). It’s 100% worth it to me!

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

Initially we were deciding between getting a filtered shower head or a whole house water softener. Turns out that they work together perfectly.

Upon research of water softeners, I found this:

You will need additional treatment equipment to remove bacteria, chlorine, iron, PFOA, PFAS, etc.

Water softeners can remove minerals like calcium and magnesium but do not remove bacteria, chlorine, iron, PFOA, PFAS, lead, arsenic, or pesticides. To lower the toxicity of your water supply, you will need to install other types of treatment equipment—for example, a carbon filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, a UV light that kills bacteria, or a reverse osmosis system for drinking and cooking.

After 45 days of using the Jolie shower head, we loved the difference so much, we decided to add a whole house water softener. Now we have the best of both worlds. Good water really does make a difference.

My only regret is that we didn’t do both sooner. My husband is obsessed (and that rarely happens). I just feel better overall. And I love knowing that we aren’t ingesting all those toxins while we shower.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

It’s super easy to order with Jolie. They have two initial options.

Jolie No Subscription

Jolie Subscription


Then pick your colors (they vary, depending on what’s in stock…sometimes there’s red!)

I picked brushed steel, because that’s what our fixtures are – they match perfectly! Black would have been fun, too!

If you use my link to order, I get a small commission, and it costs you nothing extra! Plus you still get that 60 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Order Jolie Shower Filtered Shower Head Here

I hope I’ve shared all the reasons I believe this is a good product, however, only you can decide if this is something you want to try.

I spent my summers – all day, every day in a public pool. No wonder my hair and skin felt like straw! Chlorine in public pools is kind of brutal. But I didn’t realize that I was also showering in chlorinated water.

If you are considering the Jolie filtered shower head, I say go for it. If you aren’t thrilled, let them know and you will get your refund. They have been incredible in their customer service and I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t believe in what I’m saying.

I just returned from my hair appointment (the first one since I installed the filtered shower head) and my stylist was shocked over how soft it was! We are still battling the brassiness (warmness) I’ve struggled with for years, but she’s confident with a little more time, we will be smooth sailing.

All good news!


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