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How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick – 8 Simple Steps

How To Get Rid of a Cowlick – 8 Simple Steps

I have struggled with how to get rid of a cowlick for as long as I can remember. Let’s face it, they can be ridiculously stubborn. I finally talked to my stylist about it…why I didn’t do that sooner I have no idea!

I created a reel on Instagram here, because I think it is a lot easier to see the visual process.

Sometimes I let my hair air dry more than I should, which creates a stronger cowlick. Thankfully it’s easy to rectify with these steps.

How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
1) Heat Protectant

Most people know the importance of heat protectant. When using blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons, it’s so important to use a good heat protectant throughout the hair.

My favorite products are mostly by Davines, and I usually buy them all direct from my stylist, but I see that Nordstrom is now carrying them which is exciting! I also use the Color Wow Dream Coat when I am looking for an extra smooth straight finish.


How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
2) Liberally Wet Hair

I usually let my hair air dry more than I should, so it’s important to make sure the hair is pretty wet from root to end. Then I can use heat to break up the cowlick.

I sleep in a top knot silk pony so my cowlick often pops up again in the morning. In that case, I will re-wet just the front and redo the process.

How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
3) Professional Blow Dryer

I have been using the Elchim 3900 for a couple years and I love it. It is not super light but I find it gives me great control and keeps my hair really healthy.

The other blow dryer most people seem to love is the Dyson. I have never tried it, so I can’t speak directly about it but one thing I like about buying tools from either Nordstrom or Ulta is that you can try them out for a period of time and return if you aren’t happy with them.


How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
4) Use A Flat Comb

I use a flat comb to blow dry the hair down and side to side (see video). This is a critical step for me to get rid of the bump that my cowlick creates. Focus on the root area, but don’t fully dry the hair.

How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
5) Use A Ceramic Brush

I use a large round Ceramic brush and high heat with a professional blow dryer (make sure to use your attachments otherwise you will damage and burn your hair). Choose your brush size based on the length of your hair.

My brush is in the size 2 1/8″.


How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
6) Thermal Ceramic Rollers

Take a large thermal ceramic roller and smoothly wrap your hair around it. You can use these on any spot where you want a little more lift and body. I often use on the crown of my head.

Mine are in the size 2 1/2″.


How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
7) Gentle Hair Clips

Clip the roller in place with a gentle hair clip that won’t tear your hair. Hit the area with high heat from the blow dryer and leave it in place.

I find these clips gentle and easy to take out. I also use these to section off my hair for blow drying.


How To Get Rid of A Cowlick
8) The Finish

Finish drying the rest of your hair. I also do my makeup before taking it out. The longer the roller is in your hair, the better it will hold.

Take out the clip and pull the roller back on the head to remove.

Fluff hair with fingers to style as desired. I usually finish it with a super light hold hair spray which doesn’t create stickiness but provides a very gentle hold.


x Tammy

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