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Davines Hair Products Review : My Top 11 Favorites!

Davines Hair Products Review : My Top 11 Favorites!

Not that long ago, I was using Trader Joe’s hair products and thinking there was no difference. How wrong I was! My Davines hair products review includes all my favorites.

Nili Lotan Straight Leg Jean - Violette

First things first, Davines hair products contain NO parabens, NO Sulfates, and all are safe for color-treated hair.

As someone who spends time and money on my hair (I get my color touched up every six weeks, trimmed every 12), I want to do everything to keep it looking salon-styled.

I used to buy cheaper products but they weren’t kind to my hair. Zero regrets switching to the good stuff!

I love that Davines has so many options depending on your hair type. Thanks to constant color, highlighting, blowdry, and flat iron, my hair is more dry (aka slightly damaged), but I also have natural curl/frizz that I need to tame!

If my favorite Davines hair products review doesn’t suit your needs, take a look at Davines’ entire lineup to see what might work better!

Okay so I do alternate my shampoos every single wash. Why? Because my hair just seems to behave better when I change things up.

Also, it’s important to always do a double shampoo. The first shampoo breaks up the oil (you’ll get less lather), rinse, and then the second shampoo gives that good lather that really gets the hair squeaky clean.

And one important point – concentrate only on the roots. When rinsing your hair, everything will get plenty clean and you will minimize the drying effects to the more fragile ends.

Davines SOLU Shampoo

So this is basically gold in a bottle. It is my all-time favorite Clarifying Shampoo and I would be lost if they ever stopped making it.

The description on site says “Shampoo formulated to remove the residue of styling products or before a perm service” which makes me laugh because I used to get home perms from my mom in the 80s…oh yes I did (pictures at the end, oy!)

I use Davines SOLU shampoo every 2nd or 3rd wash. No product buildup, ever.


Davines Energizing Shampoo

This was my first try of the Davines Naturaltech line, and wow, it’s good.

My stylist gave me a sample of the Davines Energizing Shampoo recently and I was blown away. There’s a ‘je ne sais quois’ about this that I can’t quite pinpoint yet, but it’s almost like a spa in a bottle!

Energizing shampoo that gently cleanses the hair, giving a feeling of energy, vigor, and well-being to the scalp. This stimulating and revitalizing shampoo is particularly suitable for fragile hair prone to falling out.

In hitting peri-menopause, my hair is definitely thinning (especially at the temples) and I’m all for anything to minimize that. But gosh it just feels and smells like heaven. And my hair was so incredibly silky afterwards.

I immediately bought the full size bottle and will never be without it now.


Davines Replumping Shampoo

My other new product from the Davines Naturaltech line, is the Davines Naturaltech Replumping Shampoo. My stylist had me try this line (along with the Davines Naturaltech Replumping Conditioner) and oy, of course I love it.

Elasticizing and hydrating shampoo for all hair types.

Perhaps I don’t need all these shampoos but I just rotate through them (and remember, you don’t need a lot of product – a little goes a long way) and my hair is just better.


Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo

I’ve been using the entire Heart of Glass line for a few years. The Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo is basically a gentle “purple” shampoo that can be used every single wash. It’s great for those of us with blonde highlights who want to prevent brassiness. It’s lightweight and leaves a soft feel.

Disclaimer: I haven’t refilled this since I ran out because I’m so in love with the Davines Naturaltech line.


Davines Hair Products Review


Like shampoo, I rotate my conditioners. Hair can get tired of certain products and when I mix it up, my hair always ends up silkier.

Opposite to shampoo, I only focus conditioner on the ends and let it sit while I do all the other shower stuff.  Right before I rinse it out, I will use a wet brush to distribute throughout my scalp, and then rinse well with cool water.

Davines has a wide range of conditioners, depending on your hair type. I’ve never tried a bad Davines product!

Davines The Spotlight Circle

This is technically a hair mask, but I use The Spotlight Circle every 3rd wash to get that extra deep condition. One package lasts me 2-3 washes, though I think it’s meant to be all used at once, I have never needed that much.


Davines Replumping Conditioner

The Davines Replumping Conditioner is my new favorite and it also smells divine.

Formulated to untangle, compact and give renewed elasticity to the hair.


Davines MELU Conditioner

The Davines MELU Conditioner is a great everyday conditioner for almost anyone.

Conditioner for long or damaged hair. The conditioning action moisturizes the hair, nourishes the ends and prevents their breakage. The light formula makes the hair smooth and soft without weighing it down.


Best Products for Color Treated Hair

For the most part, I use only four other products on my hair after each wash. I couldn’t do a Davines hair products review without these favorites.

Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze

The Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze is the heat protectant I use every time. I squeeze 6-8 pumps into my hand and rub throughout my wet hair.

Brightening thermal leave-on fluid for blondes. Provides hydration, shine, and heat protection. Thanks to the patented Fortifying Botanical Shield, it gives elasticity and vigour to the hair fiber, helping to extend the duration of the blowdry.

Because I have textured wavy hair, I always blow dry to minimize frizz and give a smooth finish. This is a nice lightweight heat protectant.


Davines OI Oil

The Davines OI Oil is my holy grail of hair oil, and trust me, they aren’t all created equal. I’ve tried a lot.

Multi-function oil, adds shine and softness to hair while also detangling and fighting frizz, working especially well on coarse or dry hair. The hair structure is left protected, without weighing it down.

Only one pump rubbed in my palms and then lightly run fingers through the ends of the hair. The difference with this product is night and day and smooths dry ends, making it look and feel shiny and silky. I apply only to ends to prevent any feeling of oiliness near the scalp.

Davines Medium Hairspray

My stylist always swore by the Davines Medium Hairspray but I thought I was happy with my Aveda hairspray. Until I tried this. Um, wow. It’s like hairspray that never feels like you’ve applied hairspray. And I only wash my hair every three days, and I can reapply daily and never feel even a hint of stickiness. Seriously, it’s the BOMB.


Davines Dry Texturizer

Still with me? This is the last one, but it’s so freaking good. I previously used a different dry texturizer and it was okay, but after I got a sample bottle of the Davines Dry Texturizer, hello…life changing! Especially if you want to add a little lift or grit to your hair (which I do after I smooth it out so much, ha!)

For piecey, defined texture and hold. Dry Texturizing Spray gives the hair an instant full-bodied and tousled look without weighing it down.

Shake it well then I apply to ends or underneath or wherever I need a little boost. And unlike my old dry texturizer, this one doesn’t add any stickiness or weight.


Over the years, I’ve tried many different brands and Davines is the one that has never let me down.

I used to have many issues with my hair – frizzy, dry scalp, split ends, unruly and just overall not that great. Now I get compliments on my hair regularly and honestly, it’s the products and tools I use (plus let’s not forget an amazing stylist).

Like our skin, our hair needs nourishment to stay healthy and shiny, and these high quality products last a long time because they are concentrated and you don’t need a lot.

x Tammy

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