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Best Products For Color Treated Hair

Best Products for Color Treated Hair

I get asked about my hair a lot. Today I’m sharing my best products for color treated hair.

Tammy's Favorite Hair Products

I have tried a lot of hair products over the years — both cheap and expensive. These are my favorite hair products and it’s all I use on my hair now. My hair has never been healthier, even with the regular color and highlighting (every five weeks) I get done. I also blow dry, flat iron, and curl – this is NOT virgin hair, haha!

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I started using the Davines Heart of Glass products (Davines now available at Nordstrom!) over a year ago and it has dramatically improved my hair and highlights. We have hard water and these products help to minimize the brassiness that comes from hard water. It’s also not harsh like some traditional purple shampoos and you can use it every time.

Every third wash, I use Davines Solu Shampoo, which is a gentle clarifying shampoo that gets rid of any build-up.

Stylist Tip!

My stylist taught me the importance of shampooing twice. The first shampoo breaks up the oil and dirt, but it’s the second shampoo that gets everything squeaky clean with that nice lather. Also make sure you scrub well throughout the scalp (not just the top) and rinse thoroughly for that salon-quality clean!


One of the most important steps is a good conditioner. We all know how dry color and highlights can make our hair. Or at least it used to. Since I started this regimen, I’ve had zero issues with dryness or breakage.

An important step is that my stylist uses really amazing color products (this is super important), but after-care is also crucial for keeping your hair healthy and strong.

Between having the best stylist EVER (in my humble opinion) and religiously using quality products, I’ve never been happier with my hair. It’s a dream!

With conditioner, I apply to the ends and and run my hand through the roots (which doesn’t need much). I leave it on for at least ten minutes (while I shave, etc.) then I brush it through my hair (roots to ends) then rinse thoroughly (making sure you get that squeak at the roots).

When I get out, I don’t “scrub” with a towel – I just gently squeeze with a towel around my hand, to soak up excess water without pulling at the hair.


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The Heart of Glass sheer glaze is what I use for heat protectant most of the time. I use about 6 pumps and again, apply only to bottom half of the hair. Comb it through so it distributes, but the ends are where you need the most protection. It will leave your hair beautifully silky and also protected from the damaging heat of a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. This is SO important.

When I want to make my hair super straight (and especially if I know I’ll be anywhere humid), I use Color Wow’s Dream Coat as the heat protectant (instead of the Heart of Glass sheer glaze). It’s also a heat protectant but acts as a straightening agent and anti frizz. It also REALLY works. If I plan to curl my hair, I use the Heart of Glass.

If I’m worried about humidity, I use the Color Wow Dream Coat. I air dry it a bit and then apply liberally throughout the hair for the most effective treatment. This product is to be used every third wash.


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If I want a little extra volume, I spray Color Wow Raise the Root (thicken & lift spray).

On damp hair, I spray this directly to the roots (after heat protectant). Personally, I only focus on the crown where I need it most!


After a blow dry and flat iron, I take one pump of the Kevin Murphy Young Again Treatment Oil and rub it in my palms. Then I rub it ONLY through the very ends of my hair to smooth and seal the hair follicle.

The directions say to apply it to damp hair and I have done that also. Either way, I end up with my hair looking and feeling much shinier, healthier, and with silky ends. It’s transformative!

This product lasts a long time, and I love it, but my stylist recently gave me a sample of Davines Ol Oil and it functions in the same way. I might buy it next when my Kevin Murphy Treatment Oil runs out. Either product is amazing.


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The Texture Aiir is my newest product. When my hair is a little too “flat” or I need a little added texture (say I want to do a high ponytail), then I shake the bottle well and lift specific areas and spray. I’ve also flipped my head upside down and sprayed to target the most appropriate spots on the hair.

For the final finishing touch, I absolutely love the Davines medium hairspray. It is brushable and light, without a hint of stickiness.


Last but not least, I only wash my hair once or twice per week, so I use dry shampoo whenever my hair feels a bit oily or after a workout.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo is the only one I love. I spray this at the roots, let it sit for a while, then brush through. It’s like magic.

I’ve had days where I really needed to shampoo but just did NOT feel like it (you all know what I mean)…and this made my hair manageable and so it didn’t feel like a greasy mess.


OMG this is big HUGE news. Seriously!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled. And now we can purchase it and get points…woo hoo!

Davines is now at Nordstrom!!

I use A LOT of these products, but I can almost guarantee they are all good. So take a peek and see what suits your hair!

It’s taken me a long time to get to the perfect formula and I’ve never been happier with my hair. My stylist (the Goddess I’ve spoken about before, haha!) has helped me curate this perfect combination and agrees that my hair is so healthy now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I always want to hear your thoughts.

Happy Hair Days!

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