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Best Claw Clips For Thick Hair

Best Claw Clips for Thick Hair

If you have been looking for the best claw clips for thick hair, I have the answer! I’ve not stopped wearing these since I got them.

My hair is on the thicker side with a lot of texture. I’ve tried some of the cheaper claw clips and they didn’t feel overly secure.

A few months ago I ordered the Loeffler Randall hair claw clip set (say that one three times, fast, ha!) and I am smitten. In fact if you look, my hair is up in most of my latest photos.

What I love about these for summer – it keeps my hair off my neck (peri-menopause and summer temps = miserable), and it makes me feel chic, even when my hair isn’t at its cleanest (I know you know what I mean).

I’ve even started wearing them to the gym. I always feel like ponytails pull on the hair around my face (and I know it can cause damage) but these are much gentler and I don’t feel that annoying pressure.

A tight, sleeked-back pony or a tooth-comb headband can definitely add to hair thinning as your scalp and hairline is being pulled back.

~ Are Claw Clips Better For Thinning Hair (

I can definitely say these are the best claw clips for thick hair that I’ve ever tried.

x Tammy

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