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10 Best Mud Running Shoes | 2022 Buying Guide

10 Best Mud Running Shoes | 2022 Buying Guide

The Salomon Speedcross 4 is a made for trail running, mud racing, obstacle course challenges, basically the most rugged outdoor and off-road exercise you can do. It uses a mesh upper that is both water-resistant and anti-debris which basically is going to keep those tootsies dryer and give them first-rate protection.


These are very comfortable shoes, even with all the bells and whistles you still get a nice feel for an off-road shoe. They will support your feet for logging tons of miles, and they will keep them safe from blisters and random rocks getting in there which is ruinous to a great run. Get into that mud, get yourself wet, and go for it.


These shoes hold up to it all without deformation meaning you aren’t going to lose any comfort or output regardless of how ruthless the conditions. Features include a rubber toe cap, ortholite insole and updated outsole which together make a superb combination of rugged durability. Get it as dirty as you want because with a quick wash after your race they will look new. A truly versatile shoe for spartans, mud runs, hikes, or trails.


Caked with mud, they will stick to your foot and not become loose. They don’t lose anything in traction, their updated lug pattern with even more high-traction arrow lugs provide tremendous grip. So, an attack that uphill, keep it going on the down, left to right and don’t even worry about a slippery surface.


Any shoe will gain get heavy in muddy and rainy conditions, that’s no surprise. These shoes will do that for about a couple seconds before they get into that draining action. While they are ridding the excess water, any weight from the mud isn’t going to be an issue either. You can’t ask for more than a comfortable shoe that will be able to take the intense conditions and not lose anything in function or execution.


When it comes to protection, these are THE shoes to have in any mud run or technical terrain. They will ensure that your feet remain comfortable while well protected by keeping water out. They are reinforced to not only handle the obstacles that you will face, but also ensure that they will absorb the shock that will come from the frequent impact–so you don’t have to worry about injury.

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